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5 tips for a healthy start to spring

27/03/2023 | All news

Just as nature awakens after a long winter, your health can also bloom this spring. Harness that fresh spring energy and use these 5 tips to support your health.

Time for a fresh start: How to stay healthy this spring!

With spring comes a fresh start in nature. The first flowers poke their heads above ground, buds appear on trees, and animals come out of hibernation. Your body and mind are slowly but surely emerging from winter mode too, especially now that the days are getting longer and there's more daylight. Some welcome the light, warmth, and energy of spring with open arms, while others face their own challenges. For example, if you suffer from spring fatigue or spring fever, or if you're prone to hay fever, the arrival of spring may not be all good news. Whatever your situation, with the following 5 tips, you can stay healthy and make the most of the spring season!

1. Get moving for a healthy start to spring

With the arrival of spring, the days get longer and the temperatures get higher. Did you make a resolution at the beginning of the year to spend more time outdoors and/or exercise more? Take advantage of the milder spring weather to follow through on your promises, if you haven't already. Research suggests that the increase in daylight during spring can lead to the production of more dopamine in your body, a neurotransmitter associated with motivation, attention, pleasure, and good mood. That's why you have a greater chance of achieving your health goals in the spring, so what are you waiting for? Get outside and get moving! This will give you a new burst of energy, help your body produce vitamin D from sunlight, and may even help shed those extra pounds gained during winter, if desired.

Spring fatigue or spring fever

If you're suffering from spring fatigue, getting active may be the last thing on your mind. However, it's actually a good idea to get outside and treat yourself to some extra physical activity. Many of the tips for overcoming winter blues also work well for spring fatigue because the causes and symptoms are similar. Both are the result of sensitivity to the changing seasons. If you're experiencing "spring fever," which can make you feel a bit hyperactive and have difficulty sleeping, then walking, cycling, or running outside may be the perfect way to release some of that extra energy. Other workouts can also be extra enjoyable when done outside in the spring. For sleep problems, it's best to schedule heavy exercise for an earlier time of day rather than in the evening. If you're prone to hay fever, be sure to also read the tips in point 4 of this blog so that you can still benefit from exercising outdoors!

2. Keep sunscreen on hand

The spring sun can already be quite strong. Make sure to protect your winter skin from sunburn by keeping sunscreen handy. Check if necessary what skin type you have and which sun protection is necessary and invest in a suitable sunscreen; preferably with natural filters. Even on cloudy days, UV radiation from the sun can cause skin damage. Cover your skin with long sleeves or pants if necessary, and wear a hat with a wide brim. Check the UV radar to see what the sun's strength will be before heading out.

3. Bring spring into your home

You don't have to only enjoy the benefits of spring outside. There are different ways to bring the positive energy of spring into your home. A big spring cleaning is not for nothing a tradition in many cultures. This is also a way to make a fresh start. Now that sunlight is shining through the windows, you suddenly notice how dirty they are, and how dusty your furniture has become. You may also see all sorts of items that you won't be using (for the time being). Store them away or give them to a good cause. Replace them with items that can enhance your enjoyment of spring, such as a bowl of spring fruit or a beautiful bunch of spring flowers. Replace your winter clothing with spring clothing, and your winter duvet for a lighter one. Let that fresh spring breeze blow through your home and see how much energy it gives you!

4. Be ahead of hay fever

If you are prone to hay fever, you may experience symptoms as early as February or March when the weather starts to warm up. Trees begin to bloom earlier, which leads to an increase in pollen in the air. If you have plans to go outside, check the hay fever radar first to see how much pollen is in the air so that you can take appropriate measures.

keep pollen at bay

In general, sunny and windy days result in more hay fever symptoms. This is because more pollen is in the air and it spreads faster. Here are some tips to keep pollen at bay:

• Keep doors and windows closed

• Use an air purifier with a good filter if possible

• Do not dry your laundry outside

• Stay indoors if possible, or:

• Wear sunglasses that fully cover your eyes and/or a face mask. You can also apply a thick cream or ointment around your nose to trap the pollen and prevent it from entering your nostrils.

• Use a nasal spray if necessary

• Wash your hands regularly or even take a shower and wash your hair if you've been outside. If you have a severe allergy to pollen, you can even change into clean clothes to avoid carrying pollen on your body, hair, or clothes all day.

• Use a saline spray to clean your upper respiratory tract if necessary.

Hay fever and nutrition

Because your mucous membranes produce extra mucus when you suffer from hay fever, it's wise to avoid foods that promote mucus production as much as possible. For example, it may help to eat less dairy and fewer sugar-rich products. Some types of fruit and nuts can also worsen your symptoms, including hazelnuts and apples. There are also vegetables and fruits that can reduce hay fever symptoms, such as asparagus, broccoli, garlic, onions, pineapple, and kiwi. Some people also experience relief from their hay fever symptoms when they drink certain types of herbal tea, such as licorice tea, ginger tea, or nettle tea. Let the tea steep for at least eight minutes to fully benefit from the advantages. Of course, everyone is different, so try carefully to see what works for you!

5. Start spring with a detox

You can also support your body this spring with a detox program. This is a great opportunity to let go of all your unhealthy habits. For example, try a juice cleanse and leave cigarettes, alcohol, and other unhealthy things aside. With a juice cleanse, you'll be getting a lot of vitamins and minerals. These healthy nutrients will support your immune system1 and overall vitality. With a good overall vitalilty, you'll be rocking this season with loads of energy!


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1Read more on this page on the vitamines and minerales in our juices which support your immune system.