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On this page, you will find the most frequently asked questions about Sapje, so hopefully, your question will be included. If not, please send us an email at support@sa.ep or contact us.


Yes. All ingredients in our vegetable juices, including the herbs and spices we use, are 100% organic. We are SKAL certified, under the number: 103866. SKAL Biocontrole is committed to the demonstrable reliability of organic products in the Netherlands. ‘Organic’ is a legally protected term. An agricultural product or foodstuff may only be called organic if the production process complies with legal requirements. In this way, the consumer can be sure that an organic product is truly organic. Download our SKAL certificate here: Sapje SKAL certificate 2019-2020: SKAL certificaat Sapje 2024.

We obtain as many ingredients as possible from certified organic suppliers in the Netherlands and the surrounding area. By using as many local and 100% organic ingredients as possible, we are assured of healthy, pure and tasty juices. We only buy seasonal fruits and vegetables, which means that the ingredients in the juices may vary from season to season.

By following these ‘purchasing rules’ we keep our company’s carbon footprint small. The ingredients we buy come directly from the land and are on the way to our Sapje lab within 48 hours, so we can guarantee optimal freshness and quality.

Yes, our processes meet the requirements of the HACCP food safety system and we are affiliated with the NVWA. In addition, our juices are continuously checked for food safety by a specialised microbiological laboratory.


We use ± 400 grams of vegetables and a little bit of fruit in our juices. No water or sugar is added. The juices are bottled in 240 ml. bottles and the shots in 50 ml jars, our soups contain 470ml. We do not use preservatives, HPP, pasteurisation, synthetic fragrances, flavours or colours, thickeners, concentrates or other unnatural additives. We do not add artificial (synthetic) vitamins. Our vegetable juices are 100% natural, traditionally and freshly squeezed and do not contain any ‘secret’ ingredients.

Drinking a juice every day is a good way to take advantage of the healthy nutrients that fruit and vegetables can provide. However, fruit and vegetables also contain a lot of fibre, which is essential for good bowel Drinking a juice every day is a good way to take advantage of the healthy nutrients that fruit and vegetables can provide. However, fruit and vegetables also contain a lot of fibre, which is essential for good bowel movements. We, therefore, recommend that you continue to eat your fruit and vegetables in addition to the juices. It is however a great alternative to your multivitamin pil. Think of our juices as an ‘extra kick from mother nature’.

Vegetables and fruits can lose nutrients due to the effects of transport, storage, cleaning, (industrial) processing and packaging. Let alone the lack of nutrients and added pesticides when eating non-organic produce. These lost nutrients can be replenished with freshly squeezed organic fruit and vegetable juices. That’s why Sapje’s fresh, 100% pure juices are a good addition to your daily fruit and vegetable consumption. Read how we make the healthiest juice here.

Of course! We are always busy developing exciting new flavour combinations and incorporating the latest insights from the field of nutrition. In any case, our juices change seasonally, because we work with seasonal products. You can keep track of our juice range updates via our website and Facebook page.

Slowjuicing is a pressing technique in which the amount of movement and friction is as low as possible. In this way, almost all of the enzymes and nutrients present in the ingredients are preserved. Slowjuicing is a different technique to pressing with a juice extractor. A juice extractor ‘squeezes’ fruit and vegetables with a lot of force and friction and, therefore, also forces them through a sieve. The juice is, as it were, thrown out of the fruit with great force. In doing so, many valuable substances are lost. What’s more, in our experience, a slowjuicer squeezes more juice from the same quantity of ingredients. In this way, we limit food waste. Our professional, high-tech slowjuicer scores extremely high when it comes to preserving nutrients and juice yield. Your juices come from state of the art slowjuicers!

‘Raw’ foods are not heated above a temperature of 40-48 degrees. When food is heated above this temperature, chemical changes occur. As a result, important nutrients are lost. Raw food is also processed as little as possible, making it as pure as possible.

Yes, our juices are made from raw ingredients, 100% fresh and in no way industrially processed by pasteurization or HPP. Nor do they contain any unnatural additives, not even water. By pressing them with the slowjuicer, we ensure that the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals and enzymes are preserved.

No, most of the juices you buy from the supermarket are briefly heated (pasteurised) or processed under very high pressure (HPP – high-pressure processing) in the factory. This is done to maximize shelf life and kill microorganisms (such as bacteria and fungi). Pasteurisation & HPP are done at the expense of useful vitamins, minerals and living enzymes. As a result, you lose nutrients that are essential in the digestion process and indispensable for good health. In addition, juice producers generally add a lot of sugars, flavourings, thickeners and/or stabilisers making it a generally unhealthy juice.

No. There are absolutely no added sugars or artificial sweeteners in the juices. That’s what we are vehemently against. Our juices only contain the plant and fruit sugars that are naturally present in our organic ingredients. Due to the very high percentage of vegetables in our juices (at least 85%), there are very few natural fruit sugars, in any case. The fruit we use is mainly citrus fruit. These have a low glycemic index and.


Yes, all our juices, shots, soups and cleanse products are 100% gluten and lactose-free. Our juices also do not contain any eggs, seeds, nuts, peanuts, soy, fish, crustaceans, molluscs, sulphite, mustard or lupine. Our juices also contain no added sugars, E-numbers or other artificial additives. We only use fresh vegetables, fruits, tubers, berries, herbs, spices and seaweed in our juices. Are you allergic to any of the ingredients in our juices, but still want to taste them? Send us an email about this, and we will take it into account.

Some of our soups contain allergens. All our soups are 100% gluten and lactose free. All our soups, except the courgette soup, contain celery, although celery may contain traces of celery as it is produced in the same area. Our soups contain no added sugars, E numbers or other artificial additives. Take a look at our ingredients page for more information (Local ingredients and organic vegetable juice recipes | Juice We only use fresh vegetables, fruits, root vegetables, berries, herbs, spices and seaweed in our soups). 

The descriptions of the juices list all allergens per juice. Please read the list of ingredients carefully so you know exactly what you are consuming. If you still have doubts, contact us via support@sap.je

Ja. Onze groentesappen zijn 100% plantaardig en alleen gemaakt van Yes! Our vegetable juices, shots and soups are 100% vegan and only made from seasonal vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices and seaweeds. We do not use animal ingredients for our juices.


Glass is a pure and natural material. Only three raw materials are needed to make glass: Sand, soda and limestone. Glass does not transfer any harmful substances to the liquids it contains, unlike many types of plastic, which can contain substances, such as bisphenol A (BPA), plasticizers, dioxin, vinyl chloride and styrene. Moreover, glass has no effect on the taste of the juices. Since glass is impermeable to bacteria, the taste, nutritional value and freshness of the juices are better protected. In addition, producing glass uses relatively less energy than producing plastic. Glass is 100% recyclable for its entire life cycle. We also love the appearance and quality of glass. It is crystal clear, looks appetising and feels good in your hand. 
 It is crystal clear, looks appetising and feels good in your hand. You can read more about the advantages of vegetable juice in glass here.

Frozen (at -18°C or colder) our juices can be kept for several months, depending on the best before date on the bottles. If you do not want to defrost the juices straight away, put them in the freezer immediately after delivery. Defrosted, unopened bottles of juice can be kept for a maximum of 4 days (at a maximum temperature of 7°C). We do not recommend defrosting and refreezing the juice, as this will greatly reduce its flavour and nutritional value. It is best to drink a juice immediately after defrosting. In this way, you get as many nutrients as possible.

After pressing, we immediately freeze the juices with a professional, high-tech shock freezer. This extra fast and powerful shock freezer freezes the juices completely within 1 hour, keeping the quality very high and the loss of nutrients to a minimum. We do not pasteurize our juices, nor do we process them in any other way that could be detrimental to their nutritional value and taste. If you receive the juices frozen and then put them in the freezer immediately, they can be stored for up to several months (at -18°C or colder). Extensive microbiological tests on the nutritional value have shown that the juices can be kept for a maximum of 4 days at a temperature of 7°C or colder after thawing. Read more about why we freeze our juice here.

Defrosting juices at room temperature takes about 8 hours. Defrosting in the refrigerator takes about 24-30 hours for each separate bottle.

A standard freezer drawer of 40 cm wide by 25 cm deep can hold at least 24 juices (the contents of a full box). The Sapje bottle is 16 cm tall and has a diameter of 6 cm. Don’t have enough space? Then keep as many bottles as possible in the freezer and the rest in the fridge. The juices can be kept for 4 days after thawing.


We don’t recommend drinking Sapje juice quickly. It is better to ‘chew’ your juice and let it move gently through your mouth. Drink it slowly. In this way, you stimulate the enzyme action already in your mouth, so the nutrients are absorbed faster and better. By drinking the juice slowly, you also enjoy the taste of super fresh ingredients and powerful herbs.

Yes. Only a small amount of juice is recommended for children. We recommend giving children small portions of an average of 100 ml at first. This way, they can get used to the flavor of the vegetable juice. A 240 ml bottle can be consumed throughout the day. Once they get used to it, they can also slowly drink a full bottle at once.

This varies from person to person. After all, everybody reacts differently! We do however recommend drinking your juice first thing in the morning. Some customers drink juice to replace their breakfast or lunch. Others drink juice between meals, for example, between 10:00 and 11:00 or 14:00 and 15:00. It can give you a boost to get through the morning or afternoon. It is also possible to drink half of a bottle first and the other half later in the day. This is especially recommended if you feel your body has to get used to so many raw vegetables. Some juices are ideal to drink after exercise. Listen to your body and adjust your juice consumption accordingly.


A cleanse is a method to consciously take care of your health over a period of several days. During a detox, you basically only drink fresh (vegetable) juices, giving your body a short break. You also let go of your unhealthy habits. This is an ideal way to ‘reset’ your lifestyle and learn new good habits. After the detox cure, you slowly build up eating healthy solid food again. Here you can read more about it.

A detox helps you to let go of unhealthy habits and build a new healthy diet. Because you only drink healthy (vegetable) juices during the detox, you get a lot of nutrients. This way you give your body and overall vitality extra support. Moreover, a detox cure is the ideal start to your healthier lifestyle.

You can do a juice cleanse as often as you like. After all, you can never consume enough healthy food. The more healthy food you consume, the better it is for your body and mind. It is especially important to listen to the signals your body gives you, which are different for each person. Some clients take a course of treatment with us every month, while others repeat it every three months. We recommend that you repeat a juice cleanse at least every quarter to half a year, whether you order the juice from us or prepare it yourself at home. Just as you need to clean the filters of your car regularly to keep the performance as good as possible, you can also clean the ‘filters’ of your body. When you maintain and repeat this, your body will continue to perform optimally.

Cleansing is suitable for anyone who is in good health and older than 18 years of age. Pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding are not allowed to follow a cleanse because of the low amount of calories. Do you have health problems or are you on medication? Then consult your doctor first.

We don’t recommend following a juice cleanse during your pregnancy. The main reasons for this are the release of toxins during the juice cleanse and the reduced calorie intake. However, consuming a bottle of vegetable juice once or several times a day during your pregnancy is not a problem. This will give you extra vitamins in a completely natural form. However, do this in addition to a regular healthy diet.

It is impossible to predict how your body will react to the juice cleanse. After all, everybody is unique and reacts differently. The reaction of your body depends on many factors, such as your lifestyle, condition, diet, medication, drug use and metabolic system. You may feel withdrawal symptoms at first during the cleansing treatment because you immediately stop using addictive substances, such as sugar, alcohol, smoking and coffee. This can also be because you are cleansing and mainly live on vegetable juices. After a day or two, you should no longer suffer from this. The possible side effects of the juice cleanse are listed below in order of most to least common: Headache, sweating, restless sleeping (lucid dreams and nightmares), extreme longing for (unhealthy) food/hunger, muscle pain, fatigue, low energy level, delayed bowel movements, lower back pain, irritation, bloating, nausea/vomiting. When you are in very good health and if you follow the pretox/preparation that we send you, the above symptoms will be hardly present or not noticeable at all.

We do not recommend taking synthetic supplements. During the course of the treatment, you will already be taking in a lot of vitamins and minerals. See this page for an overview. If you start taking synthetic supplements, this could cause an overload of your organs and metabolism. If you do want to take supplements, then you should only take natural supplements from whole foods. Think of vitamin C from amla or camu camu. These supplements are completely natural and also contain all co-nutrients, organic flavonoids, enzymes, and macronutrients.

Yes, you can definitely drink water during the cleanse. How much water you drink differs for each person. During the cleanse you will get an average of 2 litres of fluid through our vegetable juices. If you also drink a lot of herbal tea and water, you can dehydrate yourself. If you have to urinate too much, you can also lose a lot of important minerals. The most important advice we can give you is to listen to your thirst signal. Only drink when you are thirsty, and then, preferably drink filtered or mineral water. Do not drink water if you are not thirsty or because you think you have to. The colour of your urine is also an important indicator. If your urine is completely transparent and colourless, you are drinking too much water. Yellow urine is generally very good!


Our vegetable juices and cleanse courses are delivered from Monday to Saturday with our frozen delivery service Leen Menken between 08:00-14:00, 12:00-18:00 & 17:00-22:00 throughout the Netherlands. The cost of this is 6,95. We do not deliver to the Wadden Islands.

In Belgium, we deliver with a special frozen delivery service every Wednesday and Saturday from 8:00-18:00. The delivery cost for Flanders is 6.95 and the delivery cost for Wallonia is 19.99. In the unlikely event that you are not at home, the juices will be left with your neighbours.

Would you rather we left the juices (unattended) outside your front door? Then, mention this in the order notes. There, you can also provide information about allergies, for example. Do you have any questions about delivery? Please contact our delivery service, Leen Menken, on 079 – 36 34 162. They can be reached from Tuesday to Friday between 8:30 and 18:00 and on Saturday between 8:30 and 17:00.

On the evening before delivery, you will receive a notification of the delivery time by email, and on the day of delivery, you will receive it by text message. Via the track & trace link, you can follow the driver in real-time.

Delivery in the Netherlands between 8:00-14:00, 12:00-18:00 and 17:00-22:00 costs 6,95.

In Belgium, we deliver every Wednesday and Saturday from 8:00-18:00. The delivery charge for Flanders is 6.95 and the delivery charge for Wallonia is 19.99. The national delivery of our juices via a special frozen delivery service costs us much more, but we make it our priority to deliver the highest quality juice so that everyone can enjoy our vegetable juice.

Since we deliver the juices frozen, it is important that you are at home to receive the delivery personally. We do not put the boxes outside your front door or in an outbuilding without your permission; they will begin to slowly defrost. If you are not at home for the delivery, our driver will always call you. Otherwise, the juices will be left with your neighbours or taken back to our headquarters. Would you like us to leave the juices (unattended) outside your front door? Please mention this in the order notes. Have you forgotten about the delivery, in spite of the reminder email and text message? Then, we will take the package back with us. It will then be re-delivered for an additional fee of 6,95 on another day.

Yes, you can change the content of your order, the delivery day or the delivery time at the latest up to 24 hours before the scheduled delivery. You can do this by calling or emailing us. If you have an account, you can also log in on our website and change it yourself.

That’s a shame, of course. However, scientific research has shown that your taste buds automatically get used to new flavours after tasting them 7 to 10 times. From that moment on, you might even start to really like the product. Your taste buds have to get used to the benefits of our fresh, unprocessed vegetable juices. For many people, these powerful, natural flavours are relatively unknown territory. This is partly due to the fact that many modern, refined foods have little in common with the real tastes of nature. In addition, we work with the best-known Michelin-starred chefs in the Netherlands to continuously adjust our juices to the season and also taste as good as possible. This sometimes results in surprising flavours. We, therefore, recommend that you continue to consume the juices and let your body get used to the taste.

Yes. You can drink our juices in well-known places all over the Netherlands. You can see here where to find our juices. Please keep in mind that our juices of the same variety are always subject to slight changes in flavour. After all, the intensity of natural flavours can vary from harvest to harvest.

Our juices can only be ordered through our website. We will deliver them on your preferred day and time. We have deliberately not opted for physical stores and collection points in order to be able to fully focus on making the best vegetable juice.

The day before the scheduled delivery you can cancel your order free of charge. Once you have received your order, it cannot be returned. We apply very strict food safety requirements and cannot guarantee the quality and temperature of the bottles after delivery.

Despite our precautions, a bottle can break during transportation, or simply in your fridge at home during defrosting. Obviously this is very frustrating, but fortunately, it is rare. (Only 1 in 500 bottles breaks).
It’s important that you don’t drink from a broken bottle, but throw it out right away. Take some time to take a clear picture of the glass bottle, which clearly shows the breakage, crack or other damage. After that, the bottle can simply be put in the glass recycling container. Mail or whatsapp the photo of the broken bottle, together with your name to support@sap.je or 06 – 341 695 51, and we will, of course, refund the purchase amount to your account.

Up to four broken bottles will be refunded in full. Take a clear picture of the broken bottles and mail it together with your name to support@sap.je. If you have more than 4 broken bottles, we will schedule a new delivery appointment with you to redeliver the juices.

Food safety and our environment are very important to us. The resending of between one and four bottles of frozen juice with an external transporter, such as PostNL, is not possible because we cannot guarantee food safety. Returning between one and four frozen juices using the special frozen delivery service is environmentally irresponsible. However, if five or more bottles that have been broken, please contact us by telephone (06 – 341 695 51) or email (support@sap.je). We will, of course, come up with a good solution.

If you are doing a juice cleanse and one of the bottles turns out to have been broken, it can be very frustrating. Again, we will refund the amount of the breakage to your account. Luckily, our vegetable juices are also for sale at the organic supermarket EkoPlaza. Perhaps there is one near you. If not then we recommend that you make a juice, green smoothie or vegetable soup as a replacement based on the recipes we send you.

You are, of course, welcome to keep the empty bottles for personal use. For example, for storing soups, dressings, juices, and smoothies. If you do not wish to reuse the bottles, please dispose of them in the glass recycling bin. In the Netherlands and Belgium, we have a fantastic circular recycling system. The bottles are completely recycled into glass. The bottles from Sapje are also made from 100% recycled glass. Unfortunately, you cannot send the empty glass bottles back to us for reuse. It is far from sustainable to have a truck drive with a box of empty bottles specifically to Sapje. Additionally, we would need to wash the bottles multiple times with chemicals, which consumes a lot of energy and water. The risk of breakage during reuse is also much higher, and we cannot guarantee 100% food safety. There can always be some residue left behind. Therefore, recycling the glass bottles is the most sustainable option. Read a detailed blog here about why we choose glass bottles.


Taking out a Sapje subscription is very simple. First, you select the desired juices, shots, soups, juice cleanse or juice box on the Sapje order page. Then on the checkout page, you choose a subscription of 3, 6 or 12 deliveries. After that, you immediately pay for your first delivery. Subsequent deliveries are paid by direct debit. The amount for each delivery will only be debited on the delivery day of your choice. You do not pay your Sapje subscription per month but you pay per delivery. You can change your complete order and your date yourself in your account for each and every delivery. It is very convenient!

We are very flexible at Sapje. For each new delivery, you can adjust your subscription completely to suit your needs. You will receive a reminder email 5 days before each delivery. You can adjust the subscription form as well as the juices, soups, shots, juice cleanses or juice boxes for each delivery. Each subscription has a minimum of 14 juices, soups or shots.

You can change the time of delivery until no later than 11:00 on a working day before a scheduled delivery. Your payment/delivery frequency will then shift automatically and the direct debit will adjust automatically. The reminder email you receive 5 days before a scheduled delivery will help you to adjust the delivery day and time. If you are logged in to your Sapje account, you can do this very easily with the “manage subscription” function.

Yes, you can change the delivery address until no later than 11:00 on a working day before a scheduled delivery. If you are logged in to your Sapje account, you can do this very easily under the heading “addresses”.

Yes, you can customize the contents of your box before each new delivery. The charges will be automatically changed on your direct debit. If you are logged in to your Sapje account, you can do this very easily with the “manage subscription” function. Click on the button “change subscription” and change the juices, shots, soups, juice cleanse or juice box for the next delivery.  

Have you taken out a Sapje subscription for 3 deliveries? Then you have to purchase 3 deliveries. With a subscription for 6 deliveries, you need to purchase at least 5 deliveries. With a subscription for 12 deliveries, there is a minimum of 9 deliveries.

The minimum order size for a Sapje subscription is 14 shots, soups or juices (juice cleanses and juice boxes also count). The cost per delivery depends on exactly what you order and which subscription you have taken out. The discount on your Sapje subscription is calculated over the price of the juices. In addition, delivery costs (from 4.95) will be charged.

When taking out a subscription, you pay directly for the first delivery with iDeal, Paypal, Bancontact, Visa or Mastercard. Subsequent deliveries are paid by direct debit. The amount will not be debited from your account until the day of delivery, so you do not pay for your Sapje subscription per month, but per each delivery received.

Yes, you can pause your subscription for a maximum of 12 weeks with every delivery. If you are logged into your Sapje account, you can do that very easily with the “manage subscription” function. Click on the button “change day and time” and select your new delivery time 8 weeks later from the calendar.

Discount codes cannot be used in combination with a subscription, but you will get 5%, 10% or 15% discount on the price of your juices anyway, depending on which subscription you take.

After the minimum number of deliveries per subscription, you are no longer bound by our terms and conditions. You can then cancel your Sapje subscription for each new delivery. With a subscription of 3 deliveries, it is after 3 deliveries. With a subscription of 6 deliveries, it is after 5 deliveries. With a subscription of 12 deliveries, it is after 9 deliveries. You can cancel your subscription at the latest up to the day you receive your reminder email (3 days before the next scheduled delivery). If you do it after that, there will be one more delivery and payment. If you have received the minimum number of deliveries for your subscription and your subscription has not been cancelled by yourself, it will be automatically renewed. In your Sapje account dashboard, you can easily stop the automatic renewal of your subscription via “manage subscription”. You can also cancel your Sapje subscription by sending an email to support@sap.je.

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