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Have juice pressed for your restaurant, bar or hotel
Organic vegetable juice is an outright health trend. No wonder more and more catering establishments are serving fresh juice to meet the demand. Even in gyms, yoga schools and wellness centres, customers want to enjoy freshly squeezed juice. But serving high-quality, fresh juice takes time and effort. It requires buying extra ingredients, preparing lots of fruit and vegetables and regular pressing. Fortunately, there is an easy way to spoil your guests with the very best organic vegetable juice: have juice made by Sapje.




The best organic vegetable juice in delicious flavours 
At Juice, we put a lot of time into putting together our vegetable juices. We consciously choose a wide variety of fresh, organic, local, seasonal ingredients. We carefully mix these into 16 tasty juices and 4 extra healthy shots. In cooperation with Michelin-starred chefs such as Ron Blaauw and Jonnie & Thérèse Boer, we also created several special juices. All vegetable juices are cold-pressed by hand in the slow juicer and then frozen in an hour with the shock freezer. They are raw and pure, with no preservatives or other additives. Our juices taste as if you squeezed them yourself.




Fresh juices made to measure 
Want to offer your guests even more variety, or just have an exclusive juice made? That is also something we can discuss at Sapje. Depending on the volumes purchased on an annual basis, we may be able to make fresh fruit and vegetable juice to suit your unique requirements. Get in touch to discuss the possibilities!


Buying organic juice: delivery and storage 
Buying organic juice from Juice is a piece of cake. Email us at support@sap.je for more information or call +31853035010 to order juice for your catering business. You can then purchase our juices at catering prices and make arrangements for delivery. We deliver our fresh vegetable juices frozen throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. You thaw them yourself before serving the juices. Frozen, the juices have a shelf life of 12 months. Once defrosted, you can keep them refrigerated for another 7 days. Our colourful vegetable juices are packaged in stylish glass bottles that look attractive on your bar. See below which catering establishments now serve our juices or contact us right away!

home_media1De Librije *** 
Jonnie Boer became head chef at Restaurant De Librije at the age of twenty-four, and a few years later he and Thérèse took over the restaurant. In 1993, De Librije was awarded its first Michelin star. The second followed in 1999, making Jonnie the youngest two-star chef in the Netherlands. In 2004, De Librije became the second restaurant in the Netherlands to receive a third star and was voted best restaurant in the Netherlands for the fourth time.



SLA is an organic salad bar where you are guaranteed to walk out the door full of energy. Colour on your plate equals high nutritional value. At SLA, you'll see variety and abundance in our seasonal salads, juices and soups. One by one green, healthy and delicious. There's already enough fuss about food. We just eat.


Ron Gastrobar 
Ron Blaauw returns to the source: pure, honest products swing onto your plate here. This urban gastrobar combines a hip, lively ambience with top-notch cuisine without frills. So no rigid fuss, but original, delicious food and stunning flavours. The value for money - including in the wine list - is phenomenal! The top chef's turnaround is a hit.



Amstel hotel *****
For 150 years, InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam has been praised for its regal appeal and homely warmth, and to this day it offers a home-away-from-home for many travellers. The hotel has a long tradition of culinary excellence and genuine hospitality. In the restaurants and bars, guests enjoy local seasonal products passionately prepared into delicacies and combined with special drinks. The stunning views over the Amstel River, with the passing boats and glistening water, complete everyone's experience.


At Marqt, they believe that daily shopping can be good and healthy for everyone. This is possible if you dare to keep choosing what really matters. For example, by giving farmers the space to make products they are truly proud of. By showing respect for animals and caring for a good environment.
But they cannot do that alone. We need you to do it too. If we continue to make the right choices together, we will determine the quality of our shopping. With really good products and fair prices, for every day.

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