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The 10 Benefits of Beetroot Juice for Your Health | Sapje

13/07/2023 | Benefits of

Drinking beetroot juice is beneficial for both body and mind, as research has shown. Here, we present 10 health benefits of beetroot juice.

What makes beetroot juice so healthy?

Beetroot juice is made from the root and possibly leaves of the Beta vulgaris plant, better known as the red beet or beetroot. This traditional Dutch vegetable with its deep purple-red color has become extremely popular in recent years. The powerful juice extracted from these earthy-tasting tubers is packed with healthy nutrients. Thanks to various scientific studies on the health benefits of beetroots, they are rightly classified as superfoods. Discover below what regularly consuming beetroot juice can do for your health. If you're interested in making beetroot juice yourself, check out the healthy and delicious beetroot juice recipes at the bottom. But first, let's explore the 10 advantages of beetroot juice for your well-being!

1. Beetroot juice is packed with vitamins and minerals

It may seem like a simple juice, but don't be fooled: beetroot juice is rich in healthy nutrients. Before we delve into the health benefits of beetroot juice, let's highlight the key ones for you. Beetroot juice contains significant amounts of:

  • Iron (helps with normal oxygen transport in your body)
  • Vitamin A (beneficial for your eyes, skin, and iron metabolism)
  • Vitamin B6 (assists in red blood cell production and is important for metabolism)
  • Vitamin C (good for your immune system, skin, and nervous system. Helps protect against free radicals)
  • Vitamin K (supports normal blood clotting and the maintenance of strong bones)
  • Folic acid (helps with cell and tissue production)
  • Potassium (supports your nervous system, muscles, and blood pressure)
  • Manganese (important for metabolism and cell protection, among other functions)
  • Copper (beneficial for your immune system, hair, skin, and nervous system)
  • Phosphorus (good for your bones and teeth)
energy beetroot juice

2. Beetroot juice supports the production of red blood cells

Red beets are a natural source of the mineral iron. This contributes to the production of hemoglobin and red blood cells. Drinking beetroot juice can therefore contribute to normal oxygen transport in your body. Iron is also important for maintaining a strong immune system, sufficient energy levels, and mental clarity. In addition to iron, beetroot juice is rich in vitamin C, which aids in the absorption of iron in your body. What a perfect combination that is!

3. Beetroot juice is good for your blood pressure

If you want to provide extra support to your blood pressure, drinking beetroot juice can be beneficial. Beetroot juice is incredibly rich in potassium, a mineral that has a favorable impact on maintaining a normal blood pressure. By consuming beetroot juice, you can naturally lend a helping hand to your blood pressure.

4. Beetroot juice for your blood vessels

Beetroot juice contains a significant amount of vitamin C, which is an essential nutrient for your blood vessels. Vitamin C plays a role in collagen formation, helping to keep your blood vessel walls strong and flexible. Additionally, the iron found in beets contributes to the normal transport of oxygen in your body. By drinking a glass of beetroot juice, you are certainly doing your blood vessels a favor.

5. Beetroot juice contributes to a beautiful skin

Beetroot juice contains various nutrients that contribute to maintaining a healthy and even skin tone. The first one is vitamin C. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that can help prevent damage to your skin cells, such as from UV radiation. Vitamin C is also important for collagen production in your body, which is crucial for skin firmness. Beets are also naturally rich in betalains, the compounds that give them their vibrant deep red color. Betalains are often used as natural food colorants in the food industry. Additionally, the mineral copper in beetroot juice contributes to the normal pigmentation of your skin.

6. Beetroot juice supports your energy levels

Beetroot juice is a perfect drink to give your energy levels a boost when you need a pick-me-up. The generous amounts of B-vitamins and the mineral iron in this deep red drink contribute to providing extra energy during times of fatigue.

7. Beetroot juice can help prevent cell damage

Beetroot juice is rich in various beneficial nutrients, including antioxidants. These antioxidants help eliminate free radicals that can cause damage to your cells. Free radicals are known to contribute to damage caused by UV radiation and air pollution, among other factors. Drinking beetroot juice can thus contribute to the protection of your healthy cells and tissues.

8. Beetroot juice supports your immune system

Regularly drinking a glass of beetroot juice is also a great way to provide extra support to your immune system. Beetroot juice provides you with a variety of vitamins and minerals (including folate, copper, and iron) that have a positive influence on your immune system, thereby contributing to a strong immune response.

9. Beetroot juice helps your brain function well

Beetroot juice is not only good for your body but also for your mind. Firstly, it contains a significant amount of folate, which is beneficial for your concentration and memory. This helps maintain normal cognitive performance. Additionally, beetroot juice contains iron, which plays an important role in mental exertion and contributes to normal problem-solving abilities.

10. Beetroot juice as a natural sports drink

Did you know that beetroot juice is an excellent sports drink? Especially when consumed before your workout, you can benefit from the supportive effects of beetroot juice during exercise. Beetroot juice contains a remarkable amount of nutrients that can help keep your body fit and healthy. Moreover, beetroot juice is an excellent thirst quencher during or after an intense workout session. It's no wonder that beetroot juice is incredibly popular among athletes.

Red Beetroot Juice


Beetroot juice naturally contains a high level of nitrate. This substance can be converted into nitric oxide (NO) in your body. For avid athletes who are looking for a way to increase their nitrate intake, beetroot juice is ideal.

Other vitamins and minerals

Various vitamins and minerals make drinking beetroot juice particularly interesting for athletes. Consider iron, folate, and vitamin B6, which support your energy levels and contribute to fitness. Or potassium, which helps keep your muscles strong and flexible. Are you excited about the health benefits of beetroot juice? Further below, you'll find delicious recipes to help you make your own beetroot juice. Also, take a moment to read the notes about beetroot juice below.

What else you should know about beetroot juice and your health

As you have read, drinking beetroot juice has many positive effects on your health. However, beetroot juice can also have some unexpected side effects that are not necessarily negative but good to know. Due to the strong pigments in beetroot juice, your stool and urine may take on a reddish-purple hue. There is no need to worry about this, but it may initially look a bit unusual.

Furthermore, it is important not to consume large quantities of beetroot juice every day. Some individuals may experience adverse effects if they consume excessive amounts of nitrate. Do you have a predisposition to kidney stones or other kidney problems? It is advisable to drink beetroot juice in moderation. The oxalic acid in beetroot juice can bind to calcium, which can crystallize into kidney stones.

Red Beetroot Juice Ingredients

Making Beetroot Juice at Home: 3 Recipes from Sapje

Would you like to make your own beetroot juice? We're here to make it easier for you with these three recipes. If you want to fully benefit from the healthy nutrients in beetroots, it's important to choose fresh, organic beetroots. They are available throughout the year in the Netherlands. Use both the roots and the leaves, and wash them thoroughly beforehand. There's no need to peel them. Additionally, using a slow juicer will give you the healthiest outcome when making your beetroot juice. Slow juicing is the best way to preserve the original nutrients from your ingredients. These beetroot juice recipes can also be made using a centrifugal juicer. Here's another tip: remember that beetroots release a strong color. So, wear a good apron to protect your clothing and preferably use materials that won't absorb the color.

Beetroot Juice Recipe for Sports

This beetroot juice with cherries is an excellent sports drink. Just like beetroots, cherries contain various nutrients that support your body during and after exercise. It's no wonder we use this combination in our proven Recover juice, which top athletes rely on. Moreover, they make the color even deeper purple and the flavor richer and sweeter. The carrot adds some extra body, the lemon juice adds freshness, and the turmeric adds a hint of spice.


  • 2 x beetroot with beetroot leaves
  • 2 handfuls of cherries (fresh or thawed if frozen)
  • 1 carrot
  • ½ lemon
  • 1 piece of fresh turmeric


Carefully wash all the ingredients, cut them into smaller pieces, remove the pits from the cherries if necessary, and juice this delicious beetroot juice using a slow juicer or juicer. Drink your beetroot juice as soon as possible to preserve its freshness and nutrients.

Recipe for pure beetroot juice

This beetroot juice recipe is perfect for those who love the warm, earthy, and slightly sweet flavor that beets are known for. The carrot and ginger (like in our carrot juice and ginger shot) enhance this effect and increase the antioxidant value of this beetroot juice. The lime adds a surprising touch of freshness.


  • 2 beetroots with leaves
  • 2 carrots
  • ½ lime
  • 1 small piece of fresh ginger


Carefully wash all the ingredients, cut them into smaller pieces if desired, and juice this delicious beetroot juice using a slow juicer or juicer.

Recipe for Sweet and Creamy Beetroot Juice (also kid-friendly)

No matter how healthy beets are, their earthy flavor can sometimes be an acquired taste, especially for children. This beetroot juice becomes extra smooth and creamy with the addition of sweet potato, and it gets a sweet and refreshing twist from pineapple and orange. Moreover, they provide significant amounts of vitamin A and C. This flavorful beetroot juice is perfect for maintaining a strong immune system and healthy skin.


  • 1 beetroot
  • 1 orange sweet potato
  • 2 slices of pineapple
  • 1 whole orange, peeled


Carefully wash all the ingredients, cut them into smaller pieces if necessary, and juice this delicious beetroot juice using a slow juicer or juicer.

Prefer to order organic beetroot juice?

Would you like to enjoy the health benefits of fresh organic beetroot juice but don't have time to make it yourself? Don't worry, you can also order it from Sapje. Both the aforementioned Recover juice and the powerful Energy juice have beetroot as one of the key ingredients. Both beetroot juices are great as a sports drink, but they also provide a boost during a long day. Of course, they are also excellent for overall health support. Take a look at the entire range of healthy nutrients present in these beetroot juices. They are made from the finest fresh, organic, and local ingredients, and pressed artisanally with a slow juicer. Then we immediately freeze the juices using a shock freezer to naturally preserve their freshness and nutrients. Order your beetroot juices through our website, and we will deliver them to your home frozen at a time that suits you. This way, you can easily experience all the goodness that fresh beetroot juice has to offer!

Why is it wise to drink beetroot juice?
Beetroot juice is packed with vitamins and minerals that promote your health. For instance, it contains high levels of vitamin B6, vitamin C, phosphorus, and potassium. This makes beetroot juice beneficial for your energy metabolism and immune system. Various scientific studies on the health benefits of beetroots consistently highlight them as true superfoods!
What does beetroot juice do for your body?
Due to its abundance of vitamins and minerals, beetroot juice has numerous health effects:

- Beetroot juice is beneficial for your blood pressure (due to potassium);
- Beetroot juice contributes to a clear mind (due to vitamins B6, among others);
- Beetroot juice is good for your blood vessels (due to vitamin C);
- Beetroot juice helps maintain a healthy skin (due to, among others, vitamin A);
- Beetroot juice can help prevent cell damage (due to, among others, vitamin C and manganese);
- Beetroot juice supports your immune system (due to, among others, vitamin C and copper). 
How to make homemade beetroot juice?
This recipe makes the juice extra smooth and creamy by adding sweet potato, and extra sweet and refreshing with the addition of pineapple and orange (providing extra vitamin A and C in your juice!). This tasty beetroot juice is perfect for boosting your immune system and maintaining a healthy skin. And it's easy to make!
Why is drinking beetroot juice before exercising beneficial?
Beetroot juice is often consumed by (endurance) athletes before exercising. The juice contains a variety of vitamins and minerals that promote your health and fitness. The B-vitamins in beetroot juice, for example, support your energy levels, and potassium helps keep your muscles smooth and strong. If you want to provide your body with extra support during exercise, beetroot juice is an excellent natural power booster!